Best Glue for Warhammer

Any Warhammer fan will agree that one of the most integral elements in the game are your Warhammer models. If you’re an avid player of Warhammer, you likely take careful care of these and might be wondering what the best glue is for building and repairing them. The best glue for a Warhammer is either superglue gel or plastic cement. To choose the best glue, it is essential to consider what material your models are made from. For metal models, the best option is usually superglue gel. For plastic or resin models use either super glue or plastic cement.  In today’s markets, most Warhammer models are made from plastic. However, some models are made from resin, a substance that cools into a solid. Meanwhile, Warhammer heroes and independent characters may be made with pewter, a metal substance. Let’s take a look at the best glue for different types of materials.

Best Glue for Plastic Warhammer Models

If you’re building or repairing a plastic or resin Warhammer, you should use either plastic cement or superglue. Both of these can be found easily online or in craft stores.

Plastic Cement

Most modern 40K Warhammer models are made with plastic or resin and the best way to build or repair these models is with plastic cement. Plastic cement, also known as polystyrene cement, dissolves the surface of the plastic it’s put on. Once applied, place the object or part you want to fix onto the melted surface, and it will adhere to it as the plastic dries. The advantages of using plastic cement are:
  • It bonds parts together quickly but not immediately. This will allow you the time to take apart anything that has accidentally been placed together before the plastic dries.
  • Once dry, it forms a powerful bond. This will help your assembled Warhammer model better resist damage and attacks.
Because it creates such a strong bond, it’s essential to be extremely careful with plastic cement – it’s hard to salvage your model if you make a mistake or use too much. Also, since it works by dissolving the surface, it may damage your Warhammer model in the long run if you use it repeatedly.


You can also use superglue to build or repair a plastic Warhammer model. Super glue is made with cyanoacrylate, a chemical that hardens when it comes into contact with water molecules found in the air. When you put super glue onto a piece of Warhammer, it will create a sticky surface that you then adhere to the next piece to. The advantage of using superglue is that it can be dissolved with acetone. If you make a mistake, you can use acetone to dissolve the bond, even after it’s dried. If you don’t have acetone, you may also be able to break off the part you’ve mistakenly attached. However, this means that your Warhammer may break apart if it’s in fierce combat.

Best Glue for Metal and Resin Warhammer Models

While many new models are made with plastic, older Warhammer models are made with metal and resin. To assemble and repair metal and resin Warhammers, it is best to use super glue as plastic cement will not dissolve resin and metal, making it impossible to create bonds between pieces.

How To Tell What Material Your Warhammer Is Made From

To ensure you’re using the suitable glue for your particular Warhammer model, you must first decide what material it’s made from. You can check the official Warhammer website to learn more about your model and explore the material. The website will also contain information about how to maintain your model. It’s also helpful to check fan forums to see whether other fans have built your model before and have any tips.

What Brands of Glue Should You Use?

Once you decide what type of glue you need, your next question may be whether you should use a specific brand. Most fans agree that there is no need to use a specific brand of glue as most of them work in the same way. However, an excellent plastic cement option is Revell Contacta Professional Plastic Glue available on A popular super glue is Gorilla Super Glue, also available on Whichever brand you select, try to ensure that the nozzle of the tube is small. A small nozzle will give you better control over the glue, allowing less room for mistakes.


By selecting a suitable glue for your Warhammer, you’ll ensure that you assemble it correctly and that it stays together for a longer time. Remember that both plastic cement and super glue can be used to assemble and repair plastic models, but only super glue will work on resin or metal models.

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