Is Sugru Conductive?

Sugru is an excellent product for creative projects, decorating without wall damage, repairs, and filling any gaps. It makes sense you would want to extend its use to any old or damaged electronics, but is it conductive? 

Sugru isn’t conductive because it’s composed of silicone and doesn’t contain any metals that conduct electricity. At the same time, it can act as an electrical insulator. Sugru’s versatility and flexibility make it ideal for electrical projects, including gadget repairs and lighting installations. 

To learn more about Sugru, why it’s not conductive, and what type of repair projects you can safely use it for, read on.

Sugru Is Not a Conductor of Electricity

Sugru is a moldable glue that, after setting, becomes durable and flexible. There are no metals contained in the product’s ingredients that would act as a conductor of electricity. However, you can mold it like Play-Doh, and use it as an electrical insulator. 

Look at all the electronic device chargers and delicate headphone sets sitting around. They’re not working because the original insulation has dried, cracked, and lost its flexibility. That exposes the light copper wiring inside, causing intermittent disconnects. They’re no longer dependable. 

You can use Sugru to mold new flexible insulation that will secure the thin wires so they maintain a connection. Now, they’re better than new because this wire insulation will stay flexible without drying and cracking. As a preventative, you could mold Sugru where the cord flexes as soon as you buy a new product. 

The glue is available in colors as well as clear. Choose your favorite and personalize your headphones and chargers. 

Sugru Is Suitable for Small Electronic Repairs

You can throw out that roll of electrical tape. Repairs made with it for delicately wired product cords are temporary at best. Charging cords often crack through the wire covering from constant flexing. It’s only a matter of time until the exposed wires bend and break contact. Instead, use Sugru as a preventative measure to reinforce that section where the wire and plug join. 

Tiny cracks in circuit boards, loose battery covers, cracked cell phone cases can all be repaired with Sugru glue. 

To help you get started on your Sugru repairs, check out the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit. The kit contains a pack of Sugru Glue, a How-To booklet, one small tool, and a storage container.

Sugru Doesn’t Conduct Heat

Sugru can withstand temperatures up to 356°F (180°C) but it won’t conduct or transfer that heat. It’s also water-resistant. Sugru glue can be shaped into and onto anything, and once it’s cured, it hardens into durable and flexible silicone. 

It also adheres to almost anything. So, for example, if you want to repair your oven door handle, use Sugru. Heat from the oven won’t transfer to the repair. If you want to mount hooks on the side of your stove to keep oven mitts or utensils handy, you can use Sugru, and the hooks will stay cool to the touch.

Do your cookware handles get hot when you’re cooking? Bob Vila of “This Old House” fame recommends shaping Sugru to your pot handles and letting it cure. They’ll be cool to the touch and comfortable to grip. If you want to get creative, use colored Sugru, and give your cookware a new look. 

As for old houses, if you bought a fixer-upper, check the electrical wiring in the attic. You might find some old cloth-covered copper wiring running along the floor, and the cover is probably torn in places. Until you upgrade the whole electrical system, you can make an insulation cover for that old wiring with Sugru.

Sugru Makes Lighting Installations Safe and Easy

Whether you’re hanging holiday lights in cold winter weather or stringing twinkle lights in your summer garden, Sugru can help. Neither electricity, heat, or cold prevents putting a structural hook wherever you need it. Since Sugru isn’t conductive, you can also use it to secure plugs and socket connections. It’s perfectly safe for outdoor use, and the glue’s water resistance can protect your lights and electrical outlets from weather damages.

Additionally, Sugru is ideal for repairing cracked indoor sockets. It can be used to rewire a lamp, secure the wire in place, or cover any exposed and loose wires that could be hazardous. 

Sugru Can Repair Most Gadgets in Your Garage

Power tool cords fray and the insulation cracks, but you can repair them with Sugru. If you still have the old, cracked porcelain electric socket plate, reinforce it by filling those cracks with Sugru. 

Put your electricity where you need it by cradling your power strip in a bumper of Sugru and mounting it over your workbench. 

Make your grill convenience perfection by using Sugru glue to keep your grill tools handy. Make your hooks and repair or add a shelf. Now, look around the garage and workshop. There are probably a lot of other items that could be repaired with Sugru instead of thrown away. 


Sugru doesn’t conduct electricity or heat. It’s a neutral product that is safe to use to repair, maintenance, and protect conductive items. 
You can purchase Sugru Moldable Glue at your local hardware store or at

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