Is Sugru Food Safe?

It’s tempting to repair a microwave-safe dish or serving platter with Sugru. But is Sugru food safe? It’s important to know the components of this product before eating food off an item that has come into contact with it.

Sugru is not considered food safe as it has not yet been tested for food safety. Sugru’s website states their glue is not toxic; however, it cannot be recommended for items used in food preparation or serving. Sugru is safe for children and adults and good for crafting, repairs, even home decor. 

This article will explain why Sugru is not advertised as food safe and discuss some of the best uses for this glue. 

What Is Sugru Made Of? 

Chemistry World lists silicone polymer as the primary component in Sugru. Silicone is created with naturally occurring substances, including silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon. Other components are fillers such as talc and silica-based compounds. 

The fillers allow Sugru to be easily manipulated, air-cured, and adhere to surfaces while maintaining flexibility. 

Is Sugru Toxic?

Sugru Moldable Glue is non-toxic and safe for everyone over the age of 3 to handle. Silicone polymer and the other components of Sugru are all considered non-toxic. However, Sugru should not be used on items that come in contact with food.

According to the FDA, the toxicity of silicone has been tested, and it doesn’t react with food. Healthline reviewed it, stating silicone is chemically stable and safe for medical, electrical, and cooking purposes.

Is Sugru Labeled Food Safe?

Sugru can only be labeled food safe when, as a product of multiple components, it’s tested as a single product. Each part may be non-toxic, but it must test safe as a whole. Sugru intends to pursue a safe food designation, though it’s unclear how soon that may be.

Even without a food-safe label, Sugru can still be used to repair the handles on your favorite mugs, for example. The product even allows for touch ups to color and design to be made. Or try creating heat resistant handles for all your cookware using Sugru. Not only will they stay cool, but you can mold them to fit the comfort of your hand.

Other broken dishes safe to repair with Sugru include stems on stemware or the foot of a footed cake plate. So long as the glue isn’t needed in an area that comes in contact with food, it’s safe for use. These repairs are both dishwasher and microwave safe, as Sugru is heat and water-resistant once it has dried. 

How to Use Sugru 

Sugru Moldable Glue sets with a strong, flexible finish perfect for numerous jobs throughout the house. Once you remove Sugru from its packaging, you have 30 minutes to mold the pliable material into the shape of whatever is intended.

When the time is up, your Sugru creation will quickly begin to set. It will hold its shape and stay where you place it for a long time. Plus, it doesn’t get hard and brittle over time like plastic does.

Best Uses for Sugru 

Sugru is effective for filling cracks and bonding broken things back together, but it’s also great for crafting and various DIY projects.

For example, it’s completely safe to use for repairing toys and for personalizing children’s furnishings, even to shape hooks for hanging cooking utensils or even wall art. The best part is that there’s no mess, and the only clean-up required is throwing away the packaging!

Give the kids a treat and let them make modeling-dough creations with Sugru. Tell them to plan ahead and maybe draw what they plan to sculpt. This will give them time to complete their creations before the Sugru hardens. The best part is their creations can be treasured forever. 

Since Sugru is waterproof, it’s perfect for outdoor repairs, too. Instead of spending money on new lawn furniture, make the repairs with Sugru – provided it isn’t made from petroleum based plastics. 

Fix the seat, grips and pedals to the kids’ ride-on toys. Repair the arm of your adirondack chair. Fill the crack in your clear picnic table. Make a leak proof seal for your hose nozzle, wading pool and floaties. You can even put the gnome’s head back on!


Sugru is not considered food safe and should not be used on cookware or dishes, at least not in places where food will touch the item. Sugru is still great for numerous tasks around the house, such as crafting, repairs, and other DIY endeavors. 

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