Is Sugru Removable?

Before you affix your Sugru creation to any surface, you’ll want to know if Sugru is removable. It could be you only use the moldable glue for repairs or to insulate against heat. Regardless of use, someday, you may want the option to remove the glue. 

Sugru is removable from most surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, and brick. The glue’s removability makes it ideal for temporary decor projects because it doesn’t usually leave behind obvious marks or damages. When it’s time to remove the adhesive, simply loosen and lift it with a sharp blade.

Until you’re ready to remove it, Sugru will stay stuck to the surface you attached it to. Read on to learn how you can remove the Sugru and how its versatility makes it a great product to use for easy repairs around the house, DIY projects, and even for your children’s crafts.

Can I Remove Sugru From Porous Surfaces?

On most non-porous surfaces like plastic, metal, and sealed wood, removing Sugru will leave a clean, clear surface behind. You can remove Sugru from porous surfaces such as drywall, so it’s okay to hang your wall decor and photos on the walls of your home, as they’ll stay in place. 

However, when you remove the moldable glue, there may be a small stain left behind, but don’t worry because it’s easy to touch up the paint in that spot.

Sugru flexes and molds to porous fabrics, so you can use it when making repairs to furnishings and even leather clothing. It’ll hold and achieve its purpose to repair. However, removing the repair isn’t recommended, especially from woven fabrics because it becomes integrated into the fabric. You might have success with leather repairs, though.

Sugru Removal Is Quick and Easy

Removing Sugru isn’t difficult under any circumstances, and very little time is needed to complete the task. The company also sells a small Sugru removal tool that’s included in their Sugru Rebel Tech Kit. There are three easy steps when removing the Sugru, and these are:

  1. Using a sharp blade, like a precision blade, cut the Sugru off at the base.
  2. Scrape the Sugru residue off. You can use your fingernail. 
  3. Clean the surface as usual. 

Watch this short YouTube video for visual Sugru removal directions:

The Removability of Sugru Enhances Its Versatility

Sugru is removable, making it ideal to use when you don’t want to put nails and screws into walls. It’s a renter’s wall saver. The glue will support 4.4 lbs (2 kg) of weight. That means you can hang picture frames, posters, and wall decor to your heart’s content. Add hooks wherever you need them in the kitchen and bath, and install additional towel rods without using a drill. 

You can make your apartment look like a well-decorated home without sacrificing your rent deposit. When it’s time to move, quickly remove the Sugru mounts from the walls, doors, and tile. Wipe away the residue, and you’re ready for an inspection. That’s a lot easier than removing dozens of screws and nails. Plus, you don’t have to go around and fill all those holes and touch up the paint. 

Sugru’s Easy Removability Inspires Creativity

You’re less likely to risk decorating a whole wall in your house if you have to use hardware and tools. Hardware and tools make the results of your creativity seem permanent. What if you don’t like it once it’s completed or even a year later? It’s almost easier to live with it than it is to change. 

When you use Sugru for hooks, to mount shelves, hang photos, and wall art, there are no regrets. You can change it anytime, and you can also always redo it with Sugru.

If you need inspiration, you’ll find it at Sugru Projects. It’s an excellent way to bring some color to your space because Sugru is available in various colors. Your projects will still be removable regardless of color. 

The kids can also personalize their room with their creativity and change it again later with no damage to the walls. Finally, a hook for every hat and anywhere you want them.

Sugru Lightens the Weight of Your Toolbox 

Sugru is a versatile household product that’s easily removable. There’s no need for solvents and scrapers. It’s also perfectly safe to use on anything, including children’s crafts. Keep a few packets on hand for everyday repairs, as a sealant, for decorating, and creating. 

You can buy it on and keep it on hand in the house, garage, and even your car. Sugru Moldable Glue comes with an idea and how-to booklet to get you started. 


Sugru’s versatility makes it a great product to have at home. It’s easily removable, so you don’t need any solvents and scrapers. A Sugru Moldable Glue is one household product that you should keep handy for quick and easy everyday repairs, DIY projects, creating with your children’s crafts, and even car emergencies.

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