Is Sugru Waterproof?

The pool has a leak, and you wonder, is Sugru waterproof? It may be an inexpensive pool, and perhaps others would choose to replace it; you know that the manufacturer wants to sell a new one to you anyway. But if Sugru is waterproof, that could be a game-changer!

Sugru is waterproof and begins to set after thirty minutes of exposure to the air. It turns into a flexible and durable silicone that is waterproof and sticks to most surfaces (including all those other silicone products), but it won’t stick to your hands if you moisten them a bit.

Not only can you use Sugru to repair your inflatable pool or pool liner at home, but you can also use it for all outdoor repairs that’ll survive the rain. Let’s talk about what Sugru is, what makes it waterproof, and how you can use it to save money.

What Makes Sugru Waterproof?

Right out of the package, Sugru Moldable Glue is like putty. You can mold it into any shape you want. You can also seal two sides together, such as a wall and a picture frame. 

Once exposed to air for about 30 minutes, Sugru will begin to harden into silicone rubber, creating a solid bond. The chemical makeup of silicone — and thus Sugru — naturally resists water, heat, and cold.

Most people are just glad Sugru is waterproof as well as heat and cold resistant. That opens up a whole world of repair possibilities for those who choose to fix things instead of replacing them.

With the help of Sugru and its silicone make-up, you can:

  • Repair the dishwasher rack where spindles have broken off. 
  • Stop the leak in the water hose of both the dishwasher and refrigerator ice maker.
  • Repair or insulate pot handles with Sugru. You can wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Make toothbrushes and razor holders and stick them to your shower wall. 
  • Get creative and mold a soap dish in a Sugru color to match your bath decor. 
  • Create small flower pots for flowers with no worries about watering.

The list of repairs and creative ideas for decorating with Sugru grows longer every day. For more ideas, check the Projects and Inspiration page. However you use Sugru moldable glue, you can count on solid and durable results. 

Sugru Is Waterproof, Saving You Money With Fixes

With its waterproof feature, you can use Sugru on nearly any home repair.

You can use Sugru to repair your cracked window box and its support braces. If you left your favorite flower pot outside all winter and the cold caused cracking, you can fix it like new with a product like Sugru. 

Sugru is so solid and durable that you can safely repair the pool ladder and the water hose leak. Keep the playground equipment like swings, slides, trampolines, and Big Wheels in a non-pinching condition by repairing the cracks with waterproof Sugru. 

You can save money and time on replacement costs and still keep the kids happy. Don’t forget the bicycle seat, handlebar grips, and sandbox toys that need fixing. Your lawn furniture could last many more years with substantial Sugru framework repairs.

Rainstorms will have no impact on your outdoor repairs either. Replacement parts are rarely available for outdoor lawn and play equipment, to begin with. If a hinge or lever breaks, the expectation is to throw it away and buy a new one. 

Sugru is incredibly pliable, and you can easily fashion a new part that will be stronger than the original. If the last big wind ripped a tear in your grill cover, just fix it with Sugru. 

You can also bring Sugru camping or on vacation with you. Because it’s waterproof, it might just save the day and the night. You can use Sugru Moldable Glue to repair the tent, air mattress, fishing pole, and camp stove leg. 

When the kids need a little downtime, let them fashion their hooks and lures from Sugru. Make Leaky rain boots waterproof once again, and a little Sugru can save an entire family vacation. 

Watch this YouTube video for a pool repair success story. 

Sugru Glue Is Waterproof, Heat, & Cold Resistant

There has never been a product as versatile as Sugru for easy home repairs inside and out. It’s strong, effective, and long-lasting. 

Sugru can make a tight seal around your faucet. Yet, it’s still safe enough for a small child to create what their imagination sees; a treasure to keep forever. Choose colors to suit your creative style, and never again worry about getting repairs and creations wet. 

You can purchase a Sugru Moldable Glue that contains eight packs of classic colors from Also available are color combinations by design, plain white, and black.


Not only is Sugru waterproof, but it can also work “miracles” when making repairs both in and around the home. However, keep in mind that Sugru takes about 30 minutes to cure before it reaches full “waterproof” status.

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